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The composition of Baikal Rodniki water contains sodium bicarbonate, an electrolyte that normalizes blood acidity (ph) level. Lack of bicarbonate causes blood (ph) acidity reduction and a person constantly experiences fatigue.    Sodium bicarbonate helps to give up smoking (which is very important for those who want to get rid of this bad habit), to eliminate lead, cadmium, mercury, thallium, barium, bismuth and other heavy metals from the body.

It has been scientifically proven that daily consumption of sodium bicarbonate contained in the Baikal Rodniki drinking water increases attention, concentration and balance.  


Drinking artesian Baikal Rodniki water is drawn from an artesian well located at Lake Baikal outlet in the foothills of the Sayan Mountains. The well is located deep under ground, so the water is actually the cleanest and the most protected from pollution, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. The well is of closed type, which minimizes the ingress of man-made and atmospheric contaminations.

Water drawn from the bowels of the Earth, and especially at the Baikal Lake outlet, is the very opposite to tap water, because  it contains many useful for the human body components, it is naturally enriched with mineral macro and micronutrients and,   so that is why it is  useful for daily consumption.


Voda Sibiri company pays careful attention to sports.  Sport is good for health. Being healthy is as prestigious as being professional, having an expensive car or a bank account. Sport helps being healthy, having good mood, being fit and having an energetic gait. 

The water is developed with the requirements taken in account of sportsmen, contains   the necessary complex of nutrients, macro and micronutrients, which are essential  for people with intense physical exercise. Moreover, artesian water dulls appetite, so that it helps not to gain extra weight.

Natural drinking water the Baikal Rodniki Sport contains all the necessary macronutrients for sportsmen.

Magnesium controls muscles contraction and relaxation. It increases physical exertion endurance,  it accumulates the muscle tissue energy as well.

Potassium controls acid-base balance and water balance in cells and tissues.

Iodine regulates energy and heat exchange, increases fats, carbohydrates and proteins oxidation for energy production, stimulates the supply of oxygen to cells and increases the reaction rate. 


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